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Investing in Portraits

You want to know WHY you should invest in portraits? Although cellphone cameras have come a long way, being able to have portraits to hang in your home or share with your family is priceless!

How can I help you?

We are experiencing milestones every time we turn around. When it's time to capture those special moments, whether it's family portraits, a special party, or your wedding... all you have to do is show up and enjoy those special moments, while I do my job of making sure you'll remember them later. It's great to be able to post photos on social media, but prints hold more value as they can be passed down and cherished for a long time to come. That process starts here!

ONE THING TO REMEMBER: Just because someone is a photographer, does not mean they will shoot any and everything. Please look at my portraits and my shooting style. Do not expect me to shoot in someone else's shooting style. Thanks in advance!

Services & Rates

Add Ons

(for portrait packages)

Additional edits - $15 per edit 

Additional person - $25 per person

Creative edit (ie: class photo template) - $50

Additional outfit change - $50

Additional location - $75


Printing is done through my Pixieset site, where your final images are delivered to you electronically. Offering prints, of many different sizes, of the best quality. You can get prints, wall art/canvases, or even greeting cards! 

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