• Deposit Is Non-Refundable And Non-Transferable

    • Under Extenuating Circumstances, If You Do Receive A Refund, The Processing Fee Will Not Be Returned.​

  • If You Are More Than 15 Minutes Late You Will Be Charged A $20 Late Fee

  • If You Are More Than 30 Minutes Late, Your Appt Will Be Cancelled And You Can Reschedule.

  • No Call, No Show = No Future Bookings With Me!

  • Photo Turn Around Is 10-15 Business Days, So Booking Accordingly.

  • Rush Fee Is $35-$100 Depending On The Scope Of The Work And Will Be Turned Around In 5-7 Days​​​

  • ​Going Over Your Session  By More Than 10 Minutes May Also Result In A $20 Fee

  • We Will Be Reviewing Some Of The Photos As We Shoot As To Make Sure You Are Satisfied With The Outcome. Reshoots Are Up To The Photographer's Discretion.

  • You Will Not Receive Proofs Until Your Balance Is Paid Up.

    If You Have To Reschedule Your Appt , Your Deposit Will Roll For 1 (one) Month. If Your New Appt Is Beyond That 1 (one) Month, You Will Be Required To Pay A Deposit Again.

  • If I Have To Reschedule, Your Deposit Remains In Tact For 3 (three) Months. Beyond That Point, It Is Will Be A Loss. It Is Up To You To Make Sure You Reschedule Within 3  (three) Months.